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Website Maintenance Services – Important Initiative for Small Business

Most small business shy away asking for small website changes for website maintenance services, It is important to look for changes, modifications ongoing on the site – this is the way you can grow your small website to vibrant website.Do not shy asking professional web design companies for website maintenance long term contracts or website maintenance prices. It is important for your website marketing plan to keep your website updated regularly.

We undertake all kinds website maintenance Jobs

1) Creative Website Changes

Graphic changes to the website colors, navigation, highlighting important areas – these changes are also
help in website ranking as well

2) Web 2.0 Website Updates

Many old websites have failed to update their website with new stuff like RSS, Bookmarking, Facebook & Twitter
Integration, Nearly half of the worlds traffic is coming from facebook and twitter. It is important to ask for
these updates

3) Website Content Updates

Old content stales but major companies fail to update the content. It is small but it needs to be done do not
pospone these changes. Get a list of changes together contact web design company

4) Newsletter & Banner Creation

There are all types of reasons for not setting or contacting email list. It is a valuable asset for your company.
You need to get new one & remain in-touch & cultivate relationship with your clients. As per the estimate you can
generate sales to the tune of same amount.

5) Facebook, Twitter Pages creation

It is important to update facebook and twitter pages as certain business are getting traffic from their only. If you
are not there you can miss some serious traffic

6) SEO Website Updates
Most important SEO updates need to be done regularly & tweaks due to updates and changes.

We provide services in Norfolk, VA,Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, Houston, TX, San Diego, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Orlando, FL, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, San Francisco, CA, USA

If you are business looking for website Maintenance, Talk to us for your website Maintenance projects, we will provide you
with ongoing website Maintenance packages at affordable prices.

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Small business still fear on choosing adsense

When it comes to monetization, small business are slow in adopting changes as they fear resources most people fear does call us and still ask to the date – if this work for their website, well we say it does not cost you a penny – well if it works it will give you some. Below are some points we discuss today that will that will clear all major doubts about the same.

Leading internet brand support Google adsense

Google Adsense over the years is the first choice of the monetization for small business & contnet website once simple reason it is backed by worlds finest Internet brand – Google & Easiness to use in the existing website. We know people earning in six figures and plus with the help of google adsense.

Using Google adsense requires you to be skilled

We assure you it is Step 1-2-3 & done, It is amazingly easy once you put efforts to learn this. there are wonderful videos available to learn this.

By the way these simple steps are

step 1) selecting a ad

step 2) creating a ad

step 3) copy & pasting ad code to your website

Do they send cheques

Yes they sent regular cheques month after month regulary , it has been now years we have experienced this , lot of our clients also recieve them. Yes they are recieved by our clients in San Francisco,Toronto, Augusta, Los Angeles, New Delhi,  In short most of the countries – in case you may check the google adsense website as well.

What you should take care

1. Don’t click on your own ads.
2. Don’t ask others to click on your ads.
3. Don’t include any prohibited site content, including adult content, violence or excessive profanity, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), or copyrighted material.
4. Don’t modify the AdSense code.
5. Do follow our Webmaster Quality Guidelines.
6. Do provide a good user experience.
7. Don’t place more than 3 ad units, 3 link units, and 2 search boxes on any page.
8. Don’t place images near ads in a way that may mislead users into thinking that the images are associated with the ads.

(above 8 points are provided by
You can check complete list here

Advantage is front runner in providing adsense centric solutions as we undertstand our client business, Yes we do take of all technological needs & we do take care of business needs as well. Google adsense is foremost need of business all our website development & product intiatives are supported by the easy to integrate 3rd party banner integration which includes google adsense or similar networks.

Our work include

Small Website Design , WordPress Design & Blogs, Magento Design & Custom Development , Matrimonial website development, classified website development dating website development, job board website development, social networking website development , website directory website development, review website development, coupon website development.

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Start ecommerce shopping cart website with – Magento Shopping Cart

One of the finest open source ecommerce shopping cart solution these days is magento. It is fabulous shopping cart solution. Configuring the magento could really be challenging for first time users or people who are starting with. We believe your website development team has already Installed magento & configured a beautiful magento template or theme of your choice, so we are skipping that and coming to the starting to use the magento.

We highly recommend to play around before you start play with categories, products, content,static blocks, configurations of payments & shipping. This will help you to get started with the system in confident manner and you will enjoy working with it. Do not shy asking for help with your magento developer or in forums, do not post live url of the website while asking for help in forum.

Step I – Understand default category concept

It is important to understand default category concept configured. All categories created outside default category will not be displayed on home page. Category bar gets visibile only after you have created sub categories under default category.

Step II – Understand the Pages under CMS

To put the content on home page or to put the content on category pages other than product you have to work with pages. To get content of pages to category , you need configure your display settings of CMS Block to handle both pages & products.

Step III – Magento is good at SEO

Make sure to set URL Key or page name , Meta Description and Meta Keywords, start from day one configuring it, with small updates like this can give good result for your new magento website

Step IV – Configuring the products

Product section is very detailed one, as per your business requirement it can take some time. New Magento version has lot of new features. It is ideal solution for digital goods marketplace or similar website. While adding a product you will be asked to choose the kind of the product you want to add , once you have choosen this options accordingly will be displayed , you can not choose different options once you have made a choice.

Step V – Configuring the Inventory

Next important thing in the same area is Inventory, you need to handle as required and make sure similar settings are configured in Inventory section in configuration area. You need to make put the appropriate product inventory & make it available for that buying.

Now next thing is checking the entire process, make a test buying couple of times, See what you can configure to enahnce the buying process of your visitor.

We as a developers for magento carry out installation, configuration , creating magento templates, Custom developing magento modules. If you need any help on magento hosting, all kinds of magento template please contact us endorses Internet’s leading shopping cart solution Magento Ecommerce shopping cart solution. MYW has dedicated team of Magento developer who can customize magento shopping cart website with designer magento themes & enterprise grade magento modules. MYW takes care of basic training for the entrepreneur & guides for handling search engine optimization (SEO) as well. Get it touch with your friendly Magento Consultant.

Best Magento Hosting ( Fast, Cheap affordable Magento Hosting )

We had been working on small magento tutorial for small business we talked with our hosting company – which is a leading hosting company in world with 500,000 domains hosted. they provided with us wonderfull offer to all those magento shopping cart users you use beloe mentioned link or this coupon code “MagentoOFF”

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Our Customer Reviews for Magento Hosting

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RSS feed integration into website and blogs

RSS Integration (third party content feed integration ) in website is fast growing online segment  to display content on the website. With the help of PHP or similar language RSS feeds can be displyed on your website.

RSS Integration has its own benfits and non benefits

a) Website remain fresh with the content with out major efforts, This attract visitors as well as search engines

b) More content means more page views and translating into more website revenues via banner programs and affiliate programs

c) RSS integration does not get entire content from third party website but only portion of it , so it is just  summary, to further read user may have to move to original content owner website, So their is traffic moving to third  party website with no major revenue. This increase bounce  rate & exit rates.

d) RSS content – if properly used can be used to generate POLL Data further could be produced to generate debates & so on.

e) Just RSS providers does not allow to publish on the website, but may allow to publish on individual blogs you need to check copyrights / Terms of the provider.

If you are looking to spice up your website or blog with the RSS. We can help you using existing scripts, or customizing scripts or developing custom wordpress plugin. For more details please get in touch with your project details

PHP PROGRAMMER – New Job Opening


Posted on Feb 10, 2011

Technical Skills: PHP / Ajax / Java Script

Sub Skills: Good Communication,  Java Script ( HIGH )

Experience: 1 +Years Experience

Location: Ahmedabad

Education: Diploma holder from reputed institute / Graduate in Computer Science

Cyber Net Systems

203 – Aarambh Complex, Nr.Petrol Pump,


$ 12.5 Million deal boils up the Indian Internet Marketplace

Last month a integrated education service provider with staff of 800 staff with a presense in southern India sold its 59% Stake at Rs.577Cr (12.5Million $), so deal values the company at Rs.960. The company is TutorVista it operates distance learning online, brick & mortar business & schools model. This deal clearlly calls for more Internet innovations coming up in the industry , we will not be surprized if more such deals are worked upon in coming years, there is lot of space for creativity and innovation in emerging economies
like India.

Indian government spend 40 Billion Dollars in education that is 3% of GDP & similar amount is spent by people on private education, so the market clearlly is big and every body is putting efforts to take a part of that pie. This market is to grow in coming years as India boast world’s biggest young population & fastest growing Indian middle class. helps companies and startups in the field of the Internet & offline space to innovate. We build custom website applications for the companies looking to enter Internet market space. Get in touch with your website project details