Social content is growing fast to match the pace it is important to get yourself equipped with new tools that can help you to automate or optimize your business operations

Discover Content – Impactana

It is really hard to find an engaging content every now & then. Updating website, blog with new content is critical to maintain rankings on the google. But finding topics could be challenging. Searching on google could be time consuming & difficult to find the topics. Impactana solves this problem by finding trending & curated content that would be shareable with the audience. You can look for content on Impactana on various metrics like back-links, likes, views shares, comments & more..

So rush now to get the content.

Find, Analyze & Optimize for twitter – FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk is twitter ninja that helps you search twitter profiles & connect. It has ability to analyze followers & optimize accordingly. This is serious tool for the social ninjas you can not afford to miss it.We can assure you, you will use more as you go further. It takes social marketing to next level.

Start Social Monitoring with – Mention

It is important to keep track about yourself and competitors. With social sites opening up lot of data has opened-up. The tool works similar to google alerts but it tracks mention on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter as well. You can track via phrases, keywords, brand names, website in real time. So you can be sure not to miss-out any social conversion happening in your industry.

Have you used canned Message – Gmail

Most people use gmail , but most of them have missed to use it. You normally use a template or follow up message with most emails. Canned message facility from google is easy to use , saves ample amount of your time. It cut-downs on response time. Reply to the user with few clicks.And all messages can be updated as required.

Automate your social media posting – Buffer

Buffer is great tool if you are using social media management. It helps you to automate your daily posting on the networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, pin-interest. You can post multiple content & schedule the content so your posts are live 24/7. Start using now, save time & energy see results.

Opt-ins or Landing Pages one service – Get Response

Most opt-ins service provider provide only list management tools. So we just rotate between the tools you use. But one service that provides list management & landing page tools is Get Response. It is time saver & make you efficient.

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