RSS Integration (third party content feed integration ) in website is fast growing online segment  to display content on the website. With the help of PHP or similar language RSS feeds can be displyed on your website.

RSS Integration has its own benfits and non benefits

a) Website remain fresh with the content with out major efforts, This attract visitors as well as search engines

b) More content means more page views and translating into more website revenues via banner programs and affiliate programs

c) RSS integration does not get entire content from third party website but only portion of it , so it is just  summary, to further read user may have to move to original content owner website, So their is traffic moving to third  party website with no major revenue. This increase bounce  rate & exit rates.

d) RSS content – if properly used can be used to generate POLL Data further could be produced to generate debates & so on.

e) Just RSS providers does not allow to publish on the website, but may allow to publish on individual blogs you need to check copyrights / Terms of the provider.

If you are looking to spice up your website or blog with the RSS. We can help you using existing scripts, or customizing scripts or developing custom wordpress plugin. For more details please get in touch with your project details

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