Recently a marriage bureau owner approached us that he would like to grow his website & discussed with us oppurtunities available. We explained matrimonial website owner about the benefits of social media marketing with social media post collection we have launched recently. We also explained the founder how different types of post can be used to engage with the community.

Once you have launched your startup as online marriage bureau or self serving matrimonial website. Next thing that comes is marketing matrimonial website on social media properties. Most prominent ones are following.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

This service is also known as Social media marketing or Social media strategy service.

You may have basic presense on all the properties but you should focus & plan on one particular properties you thing your audience hangouts. As per our research we have identified facebook as most important media hangout for wide audience that normally online matrimonial website would like to target.

On facebook there are various kind of social media post you can post , but our team has identified based on different requirements of audience.

Style I : News & Announcement Post

People like to be updated & if you are business who frequently would like to create news we would recommend to annouce it on the facebook. Make sure to keep relevant to your audience.

New & announcement post has lot of content.

You can have some launch or new city you are introducting or virtual event you are having.

Make sure to annouce with proper hashtags

Style II : Information Post

This could be any informative blog post , quote, holiday greetings, Testimonials & several. Any information that helps your audience to keep connected to your brand.

Primary goal of this kind of post is to have clikable content where by it takes to your matrimonial wesite

We recommend this kind of post to be thought provoking & entertainment.

Style III : Engaging Posts

Content like Questions, Polls, Giveaways are created to get more engagement with audience. This kind of
content provokes audience to give a reply. This kind of post does not directly benefit but they help your
page & optimizes your page for facebook algo.

We highly recommend to ocassionally post this kind of post. Make sure to ask your audience to make reply.

Style IV : Special Offers & Promos

No body like frequently self promotion. So this should be done ocassionally & stragecically. You can launch
a special offer or promo for your audience. Make sure to post have 1 post for 5 or 7 social medial content
post you do.

Style V : Company Post

To make it more personal you should ocassionally post simple text message, a new join-in Photo , a small video
of your office or some interesting story. This gives your social page a personal touch & build trust around your brand.

MakeYourWebsites has come up with 5 different design theme for Social Media Post, We recommend you to choose the one or multiple collection to start with your marketing requirement. We normally recommend to sign up for 12 different social media post , this helps you to get the ongoing content fresh post delievered month after month for one year. Further we also customize the social media post with your logo & your content.

social media post for matrimony website

Art 37 – Social Media Post For Matrimony Website with Bright Colours

social media post collection

Art 38 – Social Media Post For Matrimonial Website with Light Colours, ideal for elite & premium service marriage bureau

social post image

Art 39 – Social Media Post Collection For Matrimony Website

social media post image

Art 40 – Social Media Marketing Post For Matrimony Website

social media post for matrimony website

Art 41 – Social Media Marketing Post

We recommend you not to limit your ideas to these posts . Be creative & always take chances & don’t miss oppurtunity to engage with the audience.

MakeYourWebsites has announced 5 Social Media Post collection with facebook cover for matrimonial business website. Instantly choose the package of your interest this month & start posting on your facebook page. Our graphic team is always around to get your started.

Also if you have not checked our Collection of Matrimonial Logo we annouced few weeks before. In case if you missed it we recommend to check the collection.

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