Order Manager

Order Manager Software

Business face a challenge of putting all products online and integrating a easy to use lead manager. In normal case a lead manager is a isolated data caputure form. But various business face a challenge of having huge product list that all needs to get into the lead capture form. This were the Order Manager Software comes in. It has ability to manage products from admin control & intgrates seamlessly to the existing website. The visitor on the website can come choose one or more products and generate a comprensive order details.Once received from the admin the admin can generate a purchase order and reply back to user or the customer with email formatted & ready to print.

Features of order manager software

Easy to use
Integrates in existing website
Manage categories & product from admin with pictures
Manage generated leads from admin
Generates web based catalog
Add to order bag & easy to capture lead data
SEO friendly
Web2.0 / SEO Ready ( Bookmarking, RSS, Facebook & Twitter )

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