It is important to know what you need to look into before you buy a classified script. Unless you know your needs you may end up having a wrong classified script that may not suit your business needs. Most of the classified scripts available in marketplace today have very standard features, but when you go into the details you will understand the difference. Most scripts would fail your requirement test.

4 Steps Checklist for Classified Script

1. Know your classified business model

You should know what kind of business model you are looking to it. It is going to be paid or free model or trial model. You should your business goals sames should be aligned with your business model. know your competitors big and few small. Set achievable targets being a start-up. Time is very critical factor in success. more on classified business models. There are some interesting business models have come up with internet evolving, lot of classifed website are conducting transaction increasing their scope of business

2. Know if your classified project requires customization

No body buys the same service unless the service is offered in interesting packaging. To package is your need design for your website, It has to be customized and should make you exclusive in your market. Further depending upon the classified niche you have selected it may require some coding customization as well. Make sure it is priced correctly by the developer. For asking the proposal make sure to put all features together requiring customization. more on classified customization services . Here are few points you can consider to differentiate when working on the classified project.

  • Website Design
  • Membership Packages
  • Custom Ad form as per the niche you target
  • Get your website optimized
  • Have a marketing plan in place

3. Know how you can make money with your classified website

Most business or individuals shy away asking for what are available options for generating revenue. Some developer do not provide even the basic required stuff, some package it together, Initial higher cost could be good rather paying for unknown every know and then as you come across. more on making money with classified website .

Here are few other ways to generate revenues

  • Banner on the website & newsletter
  • Cross promoting high value offers to the users ocassionally
  • Membership packages , Highlight Packages & various othere’s

4.Know about installation, upgrade, maintenance for your classified website

It is very important to know about the services required, If they are available when you will need them. do they offer service or you will be left alone. Our team normally takes care of these services.

  • Free Installation
  • Free 1 year upgrade
  • Easy to join the maintaince plan

Depending upon your business needs, goals, customization, revenue , basic requirement a classified website can developed at price in your budget with PHP Classified Script, we highly recommend you to contact us via email & then give us a call to discuss your project, make sure to check our business hours so we are available to discuss your business requirements.

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