Classified Website has huge advantage for regenerating the traffic on going bases, It tends to multiply over the time. Classified service act as a retainer, these days most big blogs are opting for the classified website services as part of their offering. Following are options for the revenue generation

1) Paid Posting Ads

Paid posting ads could be offered with free ads. The paid options can more URLs or more validity or more pictures thereby tempting for the user to start posting paid ad. Our classified ad software has ability from the admin to handle the paid options.

2) Enhanced Posting Ads

The enahnce options are lot more cost effective for users & are tempting being a low cost. Ebay popularized these features long back and we also implemented in our classified software for our customer benefits. These options give more visibility to ads in search results and they are likely to recieve more click-thru. These options include enhancing ad via BOLD characters or Underline characters or Highlighted Border or Background Color or some animated picture to highlight the ads.

3) Banner Ads

Banner ads are most popular for making money online & our classified ad software comes loaded with banner manager that takes care of putting down the banners. Our banner manager is able to handle image banners, flash banners, 3rdparty banner networks like google adsense or any other affiliate networks.

4) PR Activity

Our software comes with Article area that can be used to post premium content on the website like interviews or PR. You can easily charge premium value to post quality content that generates more value for your users and yourself. The PR activity on your website can establish your self as authority website. As being niche owner people rush to the site to launch their new product services.

5) Email List

With in shortime once your user list has reached hundred, you can start mailing, this could be ongoing free traffic generator for the website as well as revenue generator. You can take newsletter ads, put in affiliate links or similar activity. Put make sure to offer quality content to your subscribers

We recommend our readers to be more creative and not limit to above 5 options of generating revenues. Innvoation is key to
sucess in any sucessfull business development activity. is a leading classified ad software provider complete classified software solution which includes custom classified website designing, customization of classified software. Contact us for Classified Software

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