Increase in website presence of various business has made online market very demanding. This has resulted into rise in cost for small business. In between all this there are few things that needs to be handled without fail, as they are the priority. These checklist are the priority the business should pay proper attension.
  • Aim for Result
Website should be aimed to generate a particular result, gone are the days when having website with simple pictures generated result. On Internet people search fast then have a very small time to spend on a single website. If they do not find what they are looking for they will leave immediately. So aim the website for the result.
  • Website should be guided

Website should be well guided with the navigation, where you want to take your visitors from one page to another page. This should be simple, clear & fast.

  • Update it frequently

Updating website frequently gives a reason for visitor & search engine to come back frequently. In long run this habit can built regular visitors & further can be developed in terms of small community. Further search engines like more frequently updated website, rather than simple not updating the website.

  • Title & Meta

Keeping simple title & meta update with a common sense can also work fine, no need of search engine experts, unless you are serious about rankings. Do not keep them empty. Put some thing in them search engine love it. Keep the content small in their. Do not overload it or stuff it. Nearly 30% of visitors can come from this simple process. If you do not know about them please check on our website, we have a simple article on this as well.

  • Be Alert & Test your site

You need to be alert about your website, visit your own site to check performance & check the order process every few days. Website involves lot of stuff, any simple stuff can go wrong & can ruin your website reputation. Get in touch with your webmaster to help you out

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