As internet economy grows world wide the need of creating online marketplaces is growing. Serious funds and business are entering into the Online Classified marketplaces business. This online business has ability to start small – grow big all self manageable. Classic example is Craiglist a twenty million dollar in revenues
has a staff of twenty people.

Three Steps to Launch a Classified Online Marketplace

Find a good name that will attract people. domain name are easy to buy but finding a good domain name is really challenging task.

Start with a robust marketplace provider that understand your needs and is ready to customize as per your idea. Difference of product and services is key to success. is one such provider that provides customized classified marketplaces with exclusive designs.

Prepare a marketing plan that has ability to grow. Use online & offline tools to attract people, success do not come overnight or in a single shot. A good classified site takes few months to a year to get established. is classified services provider it can help you from domain name to classified software or online marketing. For more information please get in touch with them. – Contact us

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