The Internet is fast becoming way of life, people are looking for everything on internet may it be clothes may it be home. Real Estate is one of the growing in leaps & bounds on Internet. Our Agency Software is ideal for small agents planning to put their properties online so the customers can have a look and call them up.

It ideal to showcase case land, rentals or for sale properties. Our Online agent software for website it deal to put properies , integrate a lead capture , property can be loaded in with the multiple pictures. The lead capture integrates with the CRM Application in the admin.

The people coming from the online model are ready to buy mode as most of them are pre-sold online by looking on the properties showcase . Further the application is search engine friendly, Integrates in FB and used in twitter as well. Further depending upon your requirement you can show with or without price.

Our software has been created in the PHP / mysql. Any one with no technical knowledge can start working on the website . We offer complete real estate website design & development services.

For more information on integrating the application with new or existing real estate agent website we can help you  –  Contact us


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