There has been long lasting debate for matrimonial software to be taken in & php. Our team evaluated few things before working out a response.

Technically both PHP & are good and have growing developers supporting them. One is leader with open source community backing & another with leader software development company promoting it.

a) versions are fast changing making existing versions faster obsolete, making investments costlier for buyers and developers

b) PHP can run on windows and Linux hosting. But for windows hosting is required

c) Hosting cost is far more cost effective with PHP as Linux servers are available at very easy cost. While calculating the cost measure with at least 1000 users website with 10 GB of data.

d) Lot of third party plug-in & tools are available more in PHP. Far less in case of as major difference arises due to version changing fast. So the resources available have also been divided in provides & php version for matrimonial software, but we recommend taking a final call on the bases of the above based parameters.

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