Our php matrimonial script has come a long way, lot of people comes asking for various questions, we have worked out a list of top questions, so most of them get answered easily from here.

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1) Can you intall the matrimonial script for us

Yes, we can do it for you (Free)

2) How do the Php script is delievered

You will recieve in an eco-friendly way email download link

3) What programming language is php matrimonial script written

PHP has been used to write the script. Further MySQL database is used to store the information

4) Can you ship a hard copy

Sure, We can do it – shipping cost will have to added on

5) How many users can this matrimonial script support

We do not limit our software in any way. This depends on server or your hosting provider there is limit simultaneous connections you recieve at any given one point of time. We have clients running the software with 1000+ members.

6) Which payment gateway do you support

We support CCAvenue (India’s no 1 for online) & Paypal (Worlds no 1 for online) more here

7) Will you do custom work

Certainly, we undertake custom work, please let us know

8 ) Does your script comes with the source code

Yes, 90% of source code is available

9) Do you have screenshots of the software available

Yes, have a look

10) What kind of free matrimonial designs comes with the script

Have a look

11) What is the version of the software & when did you start developing it.

We are 10 year old company in field of web development, We developed several matrimonial website for our clients before we undertook development as the product, In year 2008 we start to develop it as a product, currently we are developing version 1.5

12) Have you completed the development.

We will never complete the development as the product is flagship product, we intend to devlop ongoingly with new features added every month, you are secured for six month upgrades & 1 year of support.

Further any thing please let us know , we can help you

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