Our matrimonial script is complete solution for business who would like to start with matrimonial
business. India has wide scope for growth and huge prospect for serious matrimonial business. As
old traditional ways going out of reach as new urbanization is taking place in class B & Class C cities. The technological advances are making a wave to the next level.

Few reasons for matrimonial business to grow in Indian Environment

1) Huge Indian Population

2) Huge NRI Population

3) Wide Niches as various Geo Differences, caste & class co-exist

4) Fastest growing population audience for online business

5) Positive preferences for matrimonial website

Our matrimonial script offers huge advantage to regular marriage bureau as well new start up who
would like to start with the matrimonial website. Our script has detailed nine page matrimonial

Huge market for online online marriage bureau website

Huge  growing market for online online marriage bureau website

prospect data capture form, wide versatile search, various options for matrimonial preferences, several ways to reach the prospects – the complete service all run in automated format.

Further going further our software also takes care of creating business packages with validity of those packages.

The packages has complete backed connected to the payment gateway like cc avenues & PayPal. Further complete invoices are generated with id.

Our matrimonial script also offers banners & Directory area for generating additional revenues.

For information about matrimonial script please free to contact us, also check our software website
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