Last month a integrated education service provider with staff of 800 staff with a presense in southern India sold its 59% Stake at Rs.577Cr (12.5Million $), so deal values the company at Rs.960. The company is TutorVista it operates distance learning online, brick & mortar business & schools model. This deal clearlly calls for more Internet innovations coming up in the industry , we will not be surprized if more such deals are worked upon in coming years, there is lot of space for creativity and innovation in emerging economies
like India.

Indian government spend 40 Billion Dollars in education that is 3% of GDP & similar amount is spent by people on private education, so the market clearlly is big and every body is putting efforts to take a part of that pie. This market is to grow in coming years as India boast world’s biggest young population & fastest growing Indian middle class. helps companies and startups in the field of the Internet & offline space to innovate. We build custom website applications for the companies looking to enter Internet market space. Get in touch with your website project details

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