Various clients contact us asking for the clone of prompt biggies like, or ( all three are brands of respective owners and they are top three matrimonial website portals). We being an Indian & company in cyber space since 10 years we are proud of these portals. These portals have been great they have been growing at astonishing rates & they have carved huge growth in the Indian internet space. They have been able to brand themselves very well to reach huge audience. They have attracted lot of different age groups and versatile segment of Indian community.

Impressed by their success lot of new business who want to grow in the segment contact us to replica these models, Being a business we try to explain pro & cons of getting all similar features. After launching most realized, they need lot less features being a start up. And require more brand differentiation by way of custom designing.

It is very important for online business to segment itself for a specific set of customers to target and become market leader in segment. For Matrimonial Website we would highly recommend to clearly establish USP & carve a unique niche to become a market leader in that segment. We at help people to establish matrimonial website with PHP Matrimonial Script solution, we also offer customization and custom website design as well.

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