With matrimonial software environment over crowded it is very hard to judge the clear winner for normal user. Each software come whole list of features that makes hard to compare. Questions arises what to look for in the software.
>> To succeed in the over crowded market two things are required

  • USP

To establish key uniqueness in the product or service

To provide more value vis-à-vis cost

To differentiate on 4P (product, price, promotion, place) parameters

To be more value centric & customer centric approach

  • Niche

For key success gaining a market share is very important. Unless you have wide pockets for dollar spending to target mass. It is advisable to concentrate on niches rather than mass. For developing a niche market, your product or service should niche USP. While working out a niche it is extremely important, the market is big enough to expand & have ability to expand.

MYS’s matrimonial software has ability to be customized as per your business model. Software can be customized on various fronts, offering clear differentiation to your audience. Software can be easily be customized for specific gender audience, religion audience, Age-group audience, various other. Possibilities are unlimited with creative marketing minds. MYS also offers customization services for its matrimonial software. We are offering 10% Discount to all our blog users on our billing rates. Get in touch with us with the promo code “MS10200812” .

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