Matrimony services offers an opportunity of Billion+ Growing , Educated & Internet friendly population already pre-divided into niches. Further the matrimony services can be starter at low investment with multiple revenue streams.

India has different cultures and approach visa-vis its western counterparts. Matrimonial as services offers wide scope of growth. There are extremely few players in the field , the services is preliminary dominated by unorganized sector. Other then few nation wide players like or or which have visible operations. India boasts a huge young population that is systematically divided into various religious, occupational, regional groups that is scattered. A huge potential lies in theses niche. Further this population is comfortable with internet. Also this young population wants to look at wide choices rather than settling for few choices.’s matrimonial software offers completely automated solution to start complete matrimonial services online or offline. It takes care of organizing the database online with multiple picture options, with wide versatile profile options & most important ways and means to communicate to likely partner in various ways. Further email alerts of profile viewing help’s users to keep check on profile viewed candidate.

Further matrimonial software offers various (10+) means of monetization or revenue streams, we will discuss on these options in our coming articles. You can further get in touch with MYS for matrimonial software & its options.

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