While you look for setting up a shopping cart there are few options available. Magento is foremost ecommerce service provider that comes across. Magento has been leading since few years and provides community edition which is free & open source. There is paid version also available. For small & medium business we recommend to use the open source version as it is free, It will fit in the most of the budgets to start with. Starting ecommerce website online has lot of benefits for small business today we will discuss few of them.

1)Internet – huge & growing opportunity
Internet is already huge & it is still growing at exponential rates which makes attractive for small & medium business to launch themselves online. With Internet several new markets could be explored. With latest visionaries have to be believed Internet will grow at same pace for next ten years.

2) Brand – Now is the time
Small business can give your designer small fees and small write-up, you should be able to brand it easily. This makes you competitive in front of all those biggies.

3) Saving – Start from day one
Being an online shop you save on real estate cost, which is huge in case of retailing is concerned, further you save on lot of other unnecessary expenses. It is more environment friendly operation.

4) Round the clock
Small business can take their operation round the clock, just as biggies your business would run all night & weekends.

5) Friendly operations
It becomes easy to handle the operations from home or office or by employees. Magento offer separate logins with limited rights for your employees.

6) Low Inventory operation
You always were worried about inventory and handling it, Magento takes care of Inventory you can make products go offline if the inventory has finished.

7) Robust & Secured
Magento is a robust ecommerce shopping cart, which makes it possible for you to enhance your operation easily & securedly. Magento has capabilities to handle 1000+ products easily with no monthly cost or strings attached – It is ideal way

8) SEO – It takes care
Magento take care of SEO very systematically, from adding the products, to pages all have proper options, further there are certain special functions in configurations that further takes care of all small-small stuff.

9) Community
Being a open source solution there is whole lot of community support available in terms pre-developed modules that makes lot of features which are desirable can be integrated easily while looking desired features, we recommend to talk to your developer

10) Easy to install on $5 hosting
Magento shopping cart can be easily be install on world class affordable hosting so you need not worry about the cost of the whole operation

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