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As we welcome year 2010 , we would like to glance at previous year & look into details how evolved. The year started with challenging notes but we have come up more stronger and offering more value propositions to our customers. Our focus increased on the custom project development, we added more staff increasing our strength.

PHP web development became heart of focus at, we did several projects from simple to complex ones. It was year on internet for web 2.0 so it was the year for php web development at our end. Lot of projects involving API integration, Social Groups, Blogs, Videos, Music were accomplished by Team.

Matrimonial Script was yet another focus we started year with a simple note on this script, we added whole lot of features from various payment gateway, mobile version, franchisee version, 3 pre developed designs, flash demos, product manuals. This was our first product which focused on Indian business, In previous years focus has been only USA & Europe. This product increase our Indian visibility provided with new clients, that will continue to grow in this ever growing niche.

Classified Script yet another are of focus for our product development. Lot of innovation was carried out & various features were added to offer customers google api, payment gateway, mobile version, city specific, customized search & listing , packages & several more has been added & more is also planned in the year ahead.

.net web/desktop development we continue to work with clients on latest technologies. We had been working on web & non web area in .net technology.

Web Designing‘s we created lot of blog designs & web 2.0 designs, we added new web designs in three figures, making the fast growth year for

We will continue to focus on new technologies & lot of has been planned up in 2010. We once again wish you a very happy & prosperous new year

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