SEO has been made complicated by so called guru’s, forums & ebooks. All have made it so much complicated we wonder if this would soon be a topic that much. Yes it is that worth it gives free traffic – which every body loves is that complicated to get. Yes it is easy to get , but It is hard to get on top. Today in the lesson we will discuss few basic interesting points that must be highest priority for any website.

a) Start with knowing your audience

You should know whom you are proposing your product , what is their demographics & what they will search Knowing keyword your audience would be looking for on search engines is starting with the SEO. Try to get as many instances. Put them in your content of the website in a way people would love to read it & not search engines. There is limitation to how many time keyword can be repeated on the page.

b) Make sure you use – Headline / Meta / Alt / Sitemaps / RSS /

It is not complicated to use above mentioned 4 stuff on your webpage, make sure you have it on all your pages You them in a good way not a complicated way . Do not over stuff on the web page any of the above. Use it in the way people would love to use it & not for search engines.

c) Update – Update – Update ( Regulary / Systematically / with Passion )

You should update the content regularly and systematically. We are not asking to update daily. But once a week or twice a week could be great idea. These days content management website or blogs are not costly to have. Make sure you opt for CMS or blogs.

d) Patience, Montitor & Imporve

There is no formula to get on top. Neither you can pay for organic listing to any of the search engines ( 90% Search engine market ) Only road to sucess is patience, monitor & imporve as you go buy.

f) Links – Make sure you get people to link your website

Make sure you get some good links to your website, more good links are posted towards your website, more postive is search engine feels about your website. Search engines also measures authority of link from other website. Part of this can be done by submitting articles, PR activity, Submissions to search engine and directories. offers paid services, for more information you can get into touch with our team.

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