Last evening we were doing some customization of vBulletin. It is widely used php based forum system, It is widely accepted by various users as well. vBulletin has a very detailed admin functionalities one can handle all basic activities by the admin itself with its inbuilt editors & file creator.

Our client had a simple need of having display the forums of thrid level on home page, by default this is allowed to two levels only

–Parent ( by default this is there )
—-Child ( by default this is there )
——Child ( this was to be added by us ) {3rd Level}

We carried out following two steps to handle this

1) Create a dublicate template of “forumhome_forumbit_level2_post” by following name

You have do this here AdminCP > Styles & Templates > Style Manager > [add new template options]

2) vBulletin Options > Forum Listings Display Options

Set the following stuff to value “2” each

Depth of Forums – Forum Home
Depth of Forums – Forum Dsiplay
Depth of Sub Forums

A very simple but yet very interesting feature that can make difference in usage of the site. It makes a usability difference to the users, a simple update like this a click for the users is reduced

Amit Jain
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