Below are the tips you can do it yourself immediately to personalize the matrimonial website. All these stuff are basic 5 steps. We had derived this list so that new business planning to launch a online matrimonial website business, could estimate the work involved.

Step 1: Start with your logo

You can very easily customize the website from admin by changing the logo. This would give you whole new look to the website.

Step 2:  Take the smart domain name

A good domain is the most important step to personalization of the matrimonial website.  It enhances the search engine rankings as well, but do not be excessive dependent on the same. Find a small, keyword rich, easy to remember domain name as this also increases the recall value of the website.

Step 3: Personalize it with your concept

Personalize the site with text on home page, logo in the email design, packages that suits your market , few pages like “about us”, “contact us”, & “terms”. This gives a site a more credibility in front of users. Mentioning a phone number, address also adds more to the website. Also customize the matrimonial directory section & article section with some viewable stuff. Also customize the home page meta tags this instantly help in search engine & keyword enhancements on the site. You can also implement GA or any third party web stats service code so that you can get insight of the service.

Further from the admin section of the website you can enable or disable or change defaults as per you’re requirement of your matrimonial niche

Step 4: Get a new home page banner

Home page thing picture occupies significant space and this can make a turnaround the whole look of the website. You can highlight your USP or the benefits a user will get on the registration.

Step 5:  Implement the banner code in the site

Next thing to do is implement the third party banner code, this starts propagating the fresh, audience targeted content on the website & gives whole new look & immediately starts generating revenue with the traffic coming in. provides PHP Matrimonial Script & Customized Matrimonial Website Solution where we offer complete online matrimonial website solution. All the about five tips are Do-It-Your Self, anybody who has taken a brief of the website administration can take care of this by himself. If you have any question related to matrimonial website please feel free to contact us.

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