May it be online or offline logo gives a unique identity to your business no business can live without it. Logo’s can not be purchased from the shelf to be used. Logo has to be custom designed. There are no rules to make the logo. The design of logo is purely dependednt on the nature of business & kind of identity you want to create.

A business looking for selling the professional services can not have the logo with pink colors or funky fonts, the business may opt for simple & creative piece. But this may be different for toy store. It has to be case to case.

While ordering for a logo to a design company you should be clear what you are looking for. Before your send an order – One should check the following check list

a) What kind of looks you are looking for

b) What kind of colors you are looking for

c) Do you want a some thing incorporated in the logo

d) Do you need simple logo animation

e) Find out some thing you are looking forward at

f) Any choice of fonts or any other stuff should be sent in advance.
One should clearly understand the logo provided by design team can be built upon the feedback. So it is far more favourable to built upon the idea rather than simply asking for new idea. So make sure you built upon the idea rather than simply asking for new idea.

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