Traditionally surveys for business have been very expensive & time consuming. The analysis could be biased. In short getting more insightful analysis has been hard for business, Most small business fail to use this technique to lot of hurdles in offline method. This age old market analysis technique remains in hands of big giants. Online advertising and search giant Google has introduced a whole new product Google Consumer Survey which starts mere at $.10 response. Making it viable for most business may it be small or big. Further for niche list owners a whole new technique for monetization via consumers surveys.

This works in more or less in same way the traditional survey process works. Say for example a business in LA (USA) decides to change packaging they have their mocks ready. They can allocate a  budget of 0.50$ per response. Now Google network publishes on its network & publisher network. Now publishers with targeted niche website or niche list owners are approached to fill in the response. Even people who respond are also awarded depending upon the business owner decides. Every response revenues are shared by the Google with the website publishers.

It yet needs to be looked if the if small publisher would be accepted by the program. You can always try by filling this online form.

You ca explore initial product via support area Google has launched.

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