WordPress is currently most widely used Content Management System & most website owners who find entire most user friendly fail to intall proper wordpress plugins. There are several WordPress plugins that offers ability to automate backup of database on regular bases . Today in our post we disucss some of the most most Best wordpress backup plugin. Some of them offer backup of the database other offer backup of complete website & some goes even further using automated systems & configuring with services like Amazon S3    & DropBox.


It is most popular wordpress plugin for backup. It allows you to schedule the backup as per your requirement. You can configure to get backup on the server or emailed to you on regular bases. #Best Database Backup Plugin

Automatic WordPress Backup

It is nice plugin & most important it is free. All of its counter part who offer similar product are paid. IT can be configured with Amazon s3 service.  #WordPress auto blog backup

Backup Buddy

It is finest WordPress backup plugin. It is pit pricey but offer value. You can install this plugin & it takes backup of all important folders and even uploads to your new ftp hosting or cloud services like ( amazon S3, Rackspace ) or even a email or even a service like drop box.


It is Automatic’s ( makers of wordpress ) paid online backup service, They offer real time backup and 1 click database restores as well. It is ideal solution for big bloggers.

Blog Vault

Blog Vault is paid backup services, It takes complete backup of plugins,images,themes and database. For serious bloggers it highly recommended service for serious blogers looking for online backup services


It is online based wordpress backup service. It has unique pricing plans starting for 0.22$ per gb , It takes complete backup of folders & files.


WP Dolly is website cloner, this helps you to clone a new website with similar features, other than simply backup it offers wordpress design & developers can simply replica or clone the website with plugins, images and more. It is great value buy.

[TIP ] How to Restore the Database

Unless you are using some 1Click Restore Facility from some big company , you will have to restore the database using PHPMyAdmin. PHPMyAdmin is mysql database manipulation tools. Most good hosting companies provide this utility via their control panel. Once you are logged in the phpmyadmin you can follow the instructions here to restore your database. [ Read More ]

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