My friend send me this morning a story of canadian company that blowed away $160-million VC investment. No prize for guessing that “Geosign Corp”. Till some time the company was hottest company , they got U.S. investor American Capital Strategies Ltd. The company ran a simple sites to play arbitrage available with google ads. Till one day Google realized this and did some tweaking in their systems & their empire collapsed. – It was that easy for Google to handle this. Points should be taken – If you are working on your long term goal of earning money on internet & you are serious about it. You need to learn from it.

1) You need to build a site for users and not ads

2) Building is ongoing process with long term goals – there is no stop to it. It is a business online just like any other business as it grows require more investment & commitment.

3) Search engines are not only way to get the traffic. You should find ways and means to get traffic.

4) Do not shy from trying some thing new. It is time you do it.

5) Never put all eggs in one basket – divide your earning from multiple website rather than having it from one single website.

6) If you outsmarted some thing to reach the peak , do not sit on the peak , try finding the next peak . Some one out there will soon out smart you.

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